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You made me believe you were the cure for my every pain. You wrapped around me and watched me go insane. You whispered constantly in my ear, “How does it feel to dance with the Devil? He and I are all the same."  But yet I stayed in the game.  I wanted to let you go and get you out of my way. I tried and tried but unfortunately my heart just wouldn’t sway. To my surprise, He was there to carry me every time I fell. Now, I’m striving to be free.  But to my surprise...............  


Working hard to reach your dreams and being nice to others is said to be a powerful combination for success. Unfortunately, Vanessa found that in order to be successful it will take more than that will true friendship and the unlikely help that comes from out of nowhere be enough to guide Vanessa to the truth? In this story, there is a great concoction that works together to bring about something remarkable. Be careful not to mistake Potions for being only a drink, as some can be applied by physical contact or create an effect simply by being made. How does Vanessa use her Potion? See if you can put together the ingredients to help Vanessa solve the mysterious case. Sometimes the truth can be right in front of you. But what causes it not to be seen? What ingredients will Vanessa need to gather and mix to continue her well-deserved climb to the top of the corporate world?  Or, Will Vanessa run out of time?

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A family in crisis relies on family traditions to fight the battle of forgiveness. Everyone knows how laughter heals the soul, and this play offers a river of emotions that will make you cry, laugh and finally shout for joy. This family's circle may seem torn but the foundation was never broken! Come and explore this play to see if you can solve the mystery before it is revealed. 

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This story is about faith, obedience and courage. There are many things we can learn from this story. One, don't let the past hold you back. Ruth experiences heart-break and is fighting to release what was not meant for her. Ruth eventually believes there is life to live and gains the confidence (displayed in Delilah) to move forward. Secondly, believe redemption is possible. Against her pain Ruth continued to be obedient to God's word. Lord, God did a miraculous work and Ruth regained her strength.

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